Since the beginning of its work Karkatag has needed a big workplace. In order to acquire it, decision was made to move out of the capital and to establish base camp in the countryside. In 2010 we moved into a big neglected property located in small town of Svilajnac, 100 km south of Belgrade. Soon we started arranging it to meet our needs. Existing carpentry workshop was transformed into spacious metal workshop. Collective worked on renovation of the house dating from 1937 and restoring of old orchard. Also, in one of collaborative actions an outdoor sauna was made in the garden.

Together with development of this place, we were building network of friends and artists interested in its possibilities for experiments and creation, but as well for simple manual work. We welcomed them to use space together with us, promoting it to an open studio, a place dedicated to collaborative work, and also an informal artist-in-residence location.
Two artist-in-residence projects took place in Svilajnac till now; in 2011 with french artist GaŽlle Leenhardt and her work "Venus" and in 2013 with french artist Hervť Priou and his work "Tower".
At the same time, throughout four years, number of international and Serbian friends contributed to making Svilajnac cheerful, comfortable and vibrant place.